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I’m an INTJ, INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuition, Thinker, and Judgment. It’s one of the sixteen Myers-Briggs profiles. I love nothing more than using my problem-solving skills and solving business problems with technology solutions to help others in some way. I was a software engineer for 20+ years. In 2015 that all changed when a door was slammed but a new door was wide open and even more rewarding. That door was entrepreneurship and while it was an idea long ago before I went the traditional route of being an employee it was the idea that finally became a reality. I continue this path of entrepreneur and have finally found my place in the world.

I have helped over 100’s businesses, coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs with creating their websites. I help clients through consulting in providing the technical expertise for all things connected to marketing websites from design, development, SEO, integrations and implementation. I provide coaching to help clients build their online presence. Lastly, I provide digital products/courses to help on the journey to become an entrepreneur.

I love helping good companies build their business providing consulting for their marketing efforts. I enjoying helping entrepreneurs with consulting and coaching providing the technical knowledge to help build their business. 

In my spare time I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Information Systems as I love to continue to learn.

I'm Sheri James

I am a Veteran, former software engineer for corporate 20+ years and now I am an IT Consultant and Educator providing consulting, coaching/digital courses, and online business setup/templates.

I’ve spent 30 years solving business problems with technology. The people I work with are experienced and committed, sure of their vision but unsure how to get there because of a lack of knowledge about technology. 


Associate of Arts
Associate of Science in Applied Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
Pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems.
*Dissertation Phase

Sheri James

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