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About Me

I’m an INTJ, former software engineer, US Army Veteran, IT Consultant, and Entrepreneur who loves nothing more than using my problem-solving skills and solving business problems with technology solutions to help others in some way. My services include consulting, coaching, and courses for online businesses to learn, create and grow online.
I’ve been helping businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs with their online marketing for years now. With my expertise in software engineering, I can design & develop websites, landing pages, switch to set up technology, analytics, handle on-page and technical SEO services, and more. I can turn your vision into reality! If you want a more personal touch than just going through an application process then contact me today about coaching or consulting options that will best suit the individual’s needs.

In my spare time I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Information Systems as I love to continue to learn.

I'm Sheri James

I am located in St Petersburg, Florida.


Associate of Arts
Associate of Science in Applied Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
Pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems.
*Dissertation Phase

Sheri James